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Up, and to the right

Happy 10th World IPv6 Launchiversary! Today marks the tenth anniversary of World IPv6 Launch and I’d like to take a moment to reflect on some of the progress in IPv6 deployment we’ve seen in that time.

Our measurements have tracked deployment of IPv6 at network operators around the globe based on measurement data from Akamai, APNIC, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Yahoo!. Many of our graphs detailing major IPv6 network deployments to Internet end users around the world tell the same story – up, and to the right.

IPv6 deployment has progressed sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly but fairly constantly throughout the period.

T-Mobile USA is perhaps the poster child for this phenomenon having delivered almost 100% of traffic from their subscribers to major content providers over IPv6 since 2018. We’ve also seen remarkably rapid deployments like Sky which went from less than 20% to more than 80% IPv6 deployment in the space of twelve months.

Celebrate the 10-year World IPv6 Launchiversary by watching 10 years of IPv6 deployment history unfold in the space of 5 minutes!

We will be archiving this site shortly but you should still be able to keep up with IPv6 network operator measurements over at Internet Society Pulse.

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