Monthly Archives: October 2012

We have published the latest measurement results for World IPv6 Launch network operator participants. We now present data for 99 networks, a 10% increase on September’s figures. This is a result of new networks registering to join the Launch effort and already registered networks passing the measurement thresholds. A total of 77 networks are now exceeding the World IPv6 Launch target of 1% traffic over IPv6, many are carrying much higher percentages of IPv6 traffic.

A ‘new entrant’ in the Top 10 is OVH (AS16276) with a measured increase in IPv6 traffic of over 10% from last month.

The results are ranked by volume of traffic measured by Google. The percentages are a simple average of measurement results from multiple sources. Our measurement sources are Google, Yahoo! and Facebook and we have published results for all network operator participants for which we have at least two measurement sources and for which the simple average of those measurements is greater than 0.1%. Further detail on the measurement methodology is available here.

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