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LinkedIn now providing World IPv6 Launch measurements

We’re excited to announce that LinkedIn has recently started providing data for our World IPv6 Launch measurements. They join Akamai, Google and Yahoo! as our set of measurement sources and will help to deliver a more robust measure of IPv6 deployment for registered networks.

The latest update to our measurements, including input from LinkedIn for the first time, has been published. You’ll notice that the inclusion of new data has resulted in some networks showing a noticeable increase or decrease on previous trends. This is a natural consequence of incorporating another measurement source. We expect to see the overall rising IPv6 deployment trend continue in the coming months.

A new entrant this month is British Sky Broadcasting (AS5607) with a measured IPv6 deployment of 1.90%. It’s great to see a major UK operator finally making serious IPv6 deployment efforts.

Last month we highlighted SKTelecom, one of the largest South Korean mobile network operators. Then they had just begun their rollout and they are clearly making progress, with measured IPv6 deployment increasing from 0.34% to 1.33% – great progress in the space of a month!

Don’t forget – if you’re turning up IPv6 on your network please register and be counted!

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