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AT&T break through 50% IPv6, Saudi Arabia join top 20 IPv6 nations

Well that didn’t take long. As we predicted last month, “it won’t be long before IPv6 will be the dominant protocol to major web properties from AT&T’s network.” And as our latest World IPv6 Launch network operator measurement results show, that is now the case with AT&T ranked in 1st position with IPv6 deployment of 52.13%.

Something we couldn’t have predicted was the arrival of Saudi Arabia on the IPv6 stage. Now in 18th position with an IPv6 deployment measure of 7.07%, Saudi Telecom Company clearly mean business. There’s more information about this deployment in a recent lightning talk from Sander Steffann.

Other new entrants this month include MEO who have been building IPv6 deployment in Portugal for some time and are now included in our rankings in 17th position with IPv6 deployment of 44.11%, GVT of Brazil in 23rd position (3.47%), Sprint Wireless of the USA in 40th position (1.6%) and Ziggo, the largest cable operator in the Netherlands, in 64th position (0.53%).

And don’t forget – if you’re turning up IPv6 on your network please register your AS number and be counted!

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