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More Dutch networks deploying, Apple prefers #IPv6

We are pleased to announce the latest installment of our monthly IPv6 network operator measurements, for July 2015. There are a couple of new entrants to draw attention to this month, coincidentally both from the Netherlands.

KPN (2.50% IPv6 deployment), the former state telco of the Netherlands, is now a major fixed and mobile telecomunications company based in the Hague.

University of Twente (21.33% IPv6 deployment) is located in Enschede, Netherlands and offers research and degree programs in engineering and in the social and behavioural sciences.

In our last post we mentioned that Apple have announced that IPv6 support will be a requirement for submission of apps to their app store from the release of iOS9 onwards. Another Apple-related development that may have a noticeable impact on our World IPv6 Launch measurements is the change to networking functionality that is part of the new OSX release, El Capitan. This change will mean that devices running OSX will start to more strongly prefer IPv6 over IPv4 in future and should result in an uptick in IPv6 use.

Exciting times for IPv6 deployment!

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