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Major Mobile US Networks Pass 50% IPv6 Threshold

In our year-end blogpost in December of 2015 we highlighted the enormous progress that IPv6 deployment had made in 2015 by obtaining aggregated data from our sources for the four major US mobile providers:

– Verizon Wireless (AS22394)
– T-Mobile USA (AS21928)
– Sprint Wireless (AS3651)
– AT&T Wireless (AS20057)

At that time, in aggregate, these providers were delivering 37.59% of their traffic over IPv6 to major IPv6-capable content providers. We suggested then that, “2016 looks set to be the year that IPv6 becomes the dominant Internet Protocol for mobile networks in the US.”

Well folks, we just passed a major milestone. IPv6 is the dominant protocol for traffic from those mobile networks to major IPv6-capable content providers. The graph below shows the progress of the aggregate metric over the course of this year.

IPv6 traffic from US Mobile Carriers

This is really remarkable progress in the 4 years since World IPv6 Launch in 2012, and the growth of IPv6 deployment in 2016 is showing no signs of abating.

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