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Telekom Malaysia joins Top 10 #IPv6 networks

We just published our IPv6 Launch network operator measurement results update for August 2015. As always we see continued growth in IPv6 deployment across a large swathe of networks around the globe. Some highlights for this month to draw your attention to:

Telekom Malaysia (AS4788) are now in the Top 10 networks by our methodology with an IPv6 deployment percentage of 15.36%.

– New entrants this month include Canadian telecommunications firm TELUS (AS852) with 2.85%, US cable provider Mediacom Communications (AS30036) with 6.40% IPv6 deployment, and major US telco Centurylink (AS209) with 0.11% IPv6 deployment.

I’ll also draw your attention to this chart:

Swisscom IPv6 deployment

Swisscom IPv6 deployment

A couple of months back, Swisscom (AS3303) doubled their IPv6 deployment (from ~20% to over 40%) almost overnight. So incremental deployment might make sense if you’re just starting out, but isn’t the only way to get things rolling!

If you’re a network operator deploying IPv6 and would like to join the ranks of World IPv6 Launch participants, please register your network for measurement.

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