Up and to the right: Two years of IPv6 deployment metrics

Much has changed in the two years since World IPv6 Launch began on June 6th 2012. Two years ago we were name-checking networks that had managed to exceed our World IPv6 Launch threshold of 1% IPv6 deployment.  Now we report on nearly 100 networks around the world with over 10 times that much IPv6 deployment, many still growing rapidly. Check out our new infographic to see how the world has changed since World IPv6 Launch began.

Global IPv6 adoption, as measured by the availability of IPv6 connectivity among Google users has risen from less than 1% to nearly 4% today, and the rate of growth is increasing. Akamai’s measure of IPv6 traffic volume shows a 10-fold increase over the last two years.

IPv6 deployment is occurring on a global basis as well. We’ve seen substantial new IPv6 deployments in the USA, Singapore, Peru, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and many other countries around the globe.

The pace of change is also striking. The growth of IPv6 deployment on some very large networks over the last two years has been remarkable, for example Verizon Wireless who had less than 10% deployment two years ago are now exceeding 50% IPv6 deployment. And other mobile network operators are starting to follow suit, which is great to see.

One area where we really need to see more deployment effort is in the web content business. Our measure of the percentage of Alexa top 1000 websites reachable using IPv6 has grown a little since June 6th 2012, but growth is slow. More content and hosting companies making IPv6 enabled by default for their clients would really help drive up the numbers here, and boost IPv6 traffic levels. IPv6 traffic is now 1% of the volume crossing the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, and continuing to grow rapidly.

So in just two years, the world has changed dramatically from an IPv6 deployment and measurement perspective. IPv6 really is the new normal. But there’s more to do – we need to see more network operators deploy, in more countries, and more content available over IPv6. If you are a network operator and wish to register your commitment to IPv6 deployment, fill in our registration form and we’ll help you demonstrate your IPv6 credentials!

Predictions are hard, and Internet predictions are really hard, but maybe in another two years it’ll be easier to count the networks that haven’t deployed IPv6 than those that have!

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