March 2014 IPv6 Measurements: Now With Deployment Trend Graphs for the Top 10 Networks

Last month we highlighted the arrival of Belgian operator Telenet in our network operator measurements and this month’s World IPv6 Launch measurements continue the theme: Telenet’s IPv6 deployment has more than doubled from 12.17% to 28.35%, and they’ve been joined by another new Belgian operator in the form of Belgacom, currently measured at 7.50% IPv6 deployment.

This month we’re rolling out a new feature for the top 10 measured networks: longitudinal graphs of the deployment numbers to show deployment variations over time. These charts certainly present a pretty compelling picture of rapid and substantial IPv6 deployment!

Finally, a hat tip to content distribution network operator Cloudflare who were in the news this week as they announced that they will be enabling IPv6 connectivity by default for all new customers. The chart below shows our reported measurements for Cloudflare over the last few months – clearly IPv6 activity is ramping up!

Cloudflare IPv6 Deployment

Cloudflare IPv6 Deployment

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