Jio joins ranks of World #IPv6 Launch

IPv6 deployment watchers have been aware of strong growth in India (15.5% according to Akamai, 17.77% according to Google) for some time. One of the main reasons for that growth has been deployment on the mobile network of Jio (Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.) and we are delighted that they have registered to join the ranks of World IPv6 Launch network operators.

Jio is an LTE mobile network operator in India. Jio’s deployment has been growing over the past year or so, and they are currently ranked fourth by our methodology with an IPv6 deployment percentage of 77.23%.

You can view the full listing of IPv6 network operator measurements for this month.

If you’re a network operator deploying IPv6 and would like to join Jio and the other networks that make up the ranks of World IPv6 Launch participants, please register your network for measurement.

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