IPv6 Launched! (Congratulations and Thanks!)

World IPv6 LaunchNow is the time to offer a huge congratulations and thanks to all the organizations that committed to IPv6 deployment, as part of today’s World IPv6 Launch or simply because it’s the Right Thing for the Internet!

Today represents a significant milestone for IPv6 deployment as we put to bed rumours and myths that IPv6 was somehow undeployable or unusable in a production environment, as we see thousands of organizations turning it up in their production services. Let’s review:

  • Over 60 access networks around the world are offering IPv6 as part of their standard Internet connectivity offering, and they are showing tangible IPv6 traffic. This isn’t just promises, it is reality.
  • Over 3,000 websites, including the top-referenced ones from around the globe, have turned IPv6 on for their main site, and they are leaving it on. For good.
  • Hardware manufacturers are enabling IPv6 (set to “on”, by default) in their home router equipment lines.

These are organizations that have thoroughly researched the implications of IPv6 deployment, and thoughtfully worked out their deployment plans — as part of their production services. And, it goes beyond IPv6 for websites: companies are deploying it where it matters for their business.

For those of us who have been participating in technology development and deployment on the Internet for a while, it’s pretty thrilling to see that organizations can still come together as a community, to collaboratively step up to doing the right thing. This is a key element of what makes the Internet so successful — it is what we build it to be.

You can start to see what this looks like here:


In a few days, we’ll have more detail from measurements made through the first 24 hours of IPv6 Launch. In the meantime, you can get a taste of how the world looks now, with expected “up and to the right” graphs:

Lars Eggert’s measurements: http://eggert.org/meter/ipv6

CIRA/Viagenie’s measurements of the situation in Canada (.ca): http://www.viagenie.ca/radarv6/

Informally, we’ve known that many more organizations are working to get IPv6 deployed. Nominum has done a survey that captures the commitment in numbers — http://www.nominum.com/press-release/nominum-ipv6-survey . There are significant IPv6 deployment plans on every continent.

Today is just the beginning — the Future is Forever!

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