IPv6 Launch: AT&T Wireless gets on board

New World IPv6 Launch network operator measurement results have just been published for the month of March, 2015.

Keen observers will note some fairly large shifts in the IPv6 deployment percentages for some of the higher-ranked networks, and fewer networks overall than we have reported on recently. The reasons for this are down to some changes in the way we’re handling data from our measurement sources (Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Akamai and LinkedIn). In an effort to present a more accurate (or perhaps, less inaccurate) measurement, we’re excluding any data sources that look like outliers to our algorithm. Hopefully this will result in smoother tracking of IPv6 deployment over time, and a more accurate representation of levels of deployment activity currently underway.

Some new entrants in this month’s figures to call attention to:

AT&T Wireless at 0.93%
Deutsche Glasfaser at 41.94%
Premier Communications at 4.13%

And don’t forget – if you’re turning up IPv6 on your network please register your AS number and be counted!

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