IPv6 deployment gets off to a flying start in 2016

We’ve just published our latest IPv6 Launch network operator measurement results update. The new year couldn’t have had a more auspicious beginning for IPv6 deployment as measurements show that 10% (10.41% on January 1, to be precise) of the traffic hitting Google’s servers – a pretty good indicator of overall Internet traffic – is now coming from an IPv6 connection.

And early indications that strong growth in IPv6 deployment will continue during the year have also recently materialised. For example, during the recent UKNOF33 meeting, British Sky Broadcasting (AS5607) announced that they expect to have IPv6 enabled for 92% of their subscribers by the middle of 2016.

If you’re a network operator deploying IPv6 and would like to join Sky and the other networks that make up the ranks of World IPv6 Launch participants, please register your network for measurement.

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