Going global – Networks from Malaysia, Norway, Ecuador, and Switzerland Join the IPv6 Launch!

We’ve published our latest measurements of World IPv6 Launch network operators. We continue to see very encouraging growth in measured deployment across hundreds of networks both large and small.

This month I’ll highlight some of the networks new to our list that illustrate the global nature of IPv6 deployment taking place:

  • Telekom Malaysia, one of Asia’s leading communications companies
  • Get AS, Norway’s second largest cable operator
  • Corporacion Nacional de Telecomunicaciones, the public telecommunications company in Ecuador
  • Sunrise AG, the 2nd largest telecommunications company in Switzerland

These are all networks new to our measurements and showing growing and significant levels of IPv6 deployment. Don’t forget – if you’re turning up IPv6 on your network please register and be counted!

We expect to continue measuring IPv6 Launch network operators throughout 2014.

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