Celebrating The 1-Year Anniversary Of World IPv6 Launch

One year ago today, thousands of people around the world came together to permanently enable IPv6 on their websites, access networks and in their devices.

As we’ve noted this week through our news release and then infographic, the world has changed greatly in this past year.  The percentage of users using IPv6 has doubled and in fact more than doubled for many of the networks we are now measuring.

Articles, blog posts and other media are popping up all across the Internet today as so many people join in the celebration – we’re seeing them in the #v6launch and #IPv6 hashtags on Twitter, we’re seeing them on Google+, on Facebook, in LinkedIn groups… and everywhere.

THANK YOU for all you have done over this past year to help move IPv6 forward!

Together we have made IPv6 an integral part of the global Internet and a regular aspect of mainstream network planning and deployment – and we look forward to continuing to work with all of you over the months and years ahead.

Thank you!


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