Akamai providing data and Comcast on the move

Today we published updated results from our ongoing World IPv6 Launch network operator measurements and for the first time we include measurements from Akamai in our analysis. This additional data has allowed us to include IPv6 deployment results for over a hundred additional networks which brings the total number of registered networks with IPv6 deployment results that we can publish to 216. The large increase comes about as we now have greater coverage of registered networks from more than one source of measurements, a requirement for our methodology. If you’d like to see your network listed in our measurements results, register here.

These numbers shed light on the scope and scale of IPv6 deployment initiatives taking place at network operators worldwide and it’s very exciting to see the (sometimes very rapid) progress being made. For example, Comcast, a major cable ISP in the US, has clearly been busy over recent weeks as this chart of their World IPv6 Launch deployment results shows.

Comcast IPv6 Deployment, 2012 - 2013

Comcast IPv6 Deployment, 2012 – 2013

We’ll continue to update our measurement results on a monthly basis, so remember to check back to see who next month’s movers and shakers are.

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